Types of Real Estate Services to Expect from Your Realtor


Promoting your house on the Edmonton market can be a tedious task for you. You will need to find eligible homebuyers and get the most for your home. It takes some time and effort. Hence, if you hire my real estate services in Edmonton, I can assist you in this matter. I ensure to help you get the results you need in less time with my professional services on your side.

Here are the real estate services Chris Hedstrom provides in Edmonton:

1. Deciding the Listing Price

Being your Realtor, I decide the value of your property as quickly as possible. Realtors generally follow a unique formula for doing so, and it depends on your property size and other factors. If you want to find a buyer quickly, you can avoid pricing your property very high. However, I always ensure to have some room for negotiation.

2. Capturing Professional Images

Taking lots of images of your property will help me sell it quickly. After all, many buyers will search for a house online, and it can help you create a good impression. I make sure to get clear and suitable photos that represent your house correctly.

3. Giving Advice

It can be tough to be fair when it comes to your house. There may be a few things you will require doing that I can advise for the best results. For example, staging your home or decluttering is an excellent method to sell it quickly. Depending on my expert advice may help you sell your property faster than ever.

4. Showcasing a Property

Letting interested buyers who are willing to see your property before placing an offer is essential. Many people want to view the interior and exterior before making an offer. Being your Realtor, I will let them inside your house when you are unavailable. Hence, it is fewer tasks you will need to do, and it will help you see quicker results.

5. Staging a Property

Do you want to change something to make your house look its best? Hence, taking time and putting effort can do this. You may require placing new furniture or adding other decorations to make your property more attractive. I can help you in staging your property.

6. Closing the Deal

The ultimate thing you will have to do is ensure all documents are correctly signed when selling your house. You will need to do this at closing. And there are many things you will have to learn about during this phase. Being your real estate agent, I can help you at every step while closing the deal on your property. It will allow you to immediately know the details about all detailed documentation while selling your property.

Hiring real estate services in Edmonton when putting your house on the market is fruitful. You may find potent buyers as early as possible. If you plan to sell or buy a property in Edmonton and search for top-notch real estate services, feel free to knock me!

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