How Long Does It Take to Sell House in Edmonton?


What is the timeline for selling an Edmonton house? According to CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association), most home listings take less than two months to close. And this period is gradually decreasing every year. However, how long it takes to sell a house in Edmonton can vary based on some factors, impacting your sale period.

Here are the factors that decide the time it takes to sell an Edmonton house:

1. Listing Price

Listing price is one of the primary deciding factors in how long it takes to sell an Edmonton house. However, it doesn’t mean pricing a house more to get a better amount, nor does it mean pricing very low to decrease the home’s real value. While selling a house in Edmonton, you must know about the present market value of your property, conduct a study on current sales of comparable homes in your neighborhood, and decide what features make your house different from the competition.

2. Present Market Condition

Present market conditions may also impact how long it takes to sell your Edmonton house. For example, a home may sell quicker in the seller’s market than the buyer’s market, where conditions are different. Here, a suitable listing price is essential, particularly in the buyer’s market, where buyers are more willing to take their time. Sellers may need to keep more patience in this matter.

3. Current Condition of Your Home

As the current condition of your house can directly affect your listing price, this is the next deciding factor. An older home that needs some renovations may still sell faster than a house in great condition that is overpriced. On the other hand, a place that needs repairs may turn off buyers. Hence, make sure to enhance your home’s appeal with easy home staging and simple renovations.

4. Time of Year

Any time is ideal for selling a house. However, average days may increase a bit on the market based on the year. For instance, buyers are less willing to buy a house during Christmas. In that case, you may list your house until the New Year. Summer and spring are the peak season for selling homes in Edmonton. But remember, your home’s listing price is fundamental, no matter which time of year you choose for selling your house.

Selling a House on Your Own vs. Partnering with a Realtor

Although it is not compulsory for selling a house, you should team up with an experienced realtor in Edmonton like Chris Hedstrom. I have sold many homes in only the Edmonton real estate market as a real estate professional. Moreover, I have the experience, skillset, and expertise to instruct you through the home selling process.

From deciding your home’s actual value and listing it on my website to helping you promote and sell your house in the Edmonton market, working with a realtor like me will help you sell a home faster and for more money! So, if you decide to sell a house in Edmonton recently, contact me in no time.

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