Real Estate Sales in Edmonton: Tips on Increasing Home Selling Price

Before listing a house for sale, you can do many things to increase its value and the selling price. But how will you get the best ROI for your real estate sales in Edmonton? How can you save your time and pocket while selling a house in Edmonton? Read on for my recommendations on how to increase your home’s selling price so you can list it confidently and grab the attention of many promising buyers who are ready to pay a reasonable price for your house.

1. Make Sure All Vital Systems Are in Good State and Working Properly

I am not saying that it’s tough to sell a home that requires a new furnace or a roof–but practically, you cannot get the best selling price for the house if the buyer has to make a lot of adjustments. Homebuyers will prefer it if you have recently updated big things like water heaters or windows, and they are ready to pay a better buying price for your house.

2. Make Wise Interior Design Choices

Replacing old flooring or choosing a fresh paint coat might be the suitable projects to choose from before listing your home, but never let your personal choices decide your home interior design. You must want as many buyers as possible to check your listing and imagine staying in your house. Hence, your home interior should have the utmost appeal to attract many people. I suggest you contact a professional designer to make design decisions and apply them to your house.

3. Provide Something Exceptional

It’s not always sufficient to get a good house at a reasonable rate in the buyer’s market. Buyers have a lot to select from that they can affordably negotiate on price, particularly if they discover several houses they prefer. Although every home is exceptional, you can talk to me about the add-ons you can provide possible buyers to make the deal more robust. Here are a few ideas:

·         Adding Furniture: If you have some quality furniture that can increase your house’s curb appeal, add them.

·         Finishing Off the Basement: Finishing off the basement might help you get potential buyers for your house.

·         Including an Income Suit: Basement or income suites have become popular these days. They are an excellent way to promote costlier, larger houses to buyers who cannot afford the higher costs.

4. Boost the Curb Appeal

The old concept of first impressions is still evident. It would help if you took care of your home exterior like maintaining your lawn and identifying minor problems, like peeling exterior paint. When promising buyers visit your house for the first time, the exterior must attract them. Enhancing the curb appeal with minor changes and continuous maintenance are the most effective methods of selling your house at the best price.

What’s next?

Are you planning to sell your house but unsure how to start? Reach out to Chris Hedstrom today and book a consultation on real estate sales in Edmonton. Call on the official number to get started!

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