Things to Know about Real Estate Financing in Edmonton


So, you have saved a lump sum amount, conducted a thorough study, and informed your family of your wish to buy a beautiful property in Edmonton. All you need to do is to secure financing. However, when it comes to real estate financing in Edmonton, you may have several options but sometimes experience challenging situations. Hence, Chris Hedstrom wants to give you some relevant info to help you buy a house in Edmonton.

Many Edmonton people are still unaware of the benefits of real estate investment. Utilizing real estate as an investment method has many possibilities. Investors usually prefer this technique to increase their wealth. However, for new investors seeking to take advantage of real estate financing, knowing more about various facts can help.


What is Real Estate Financing?

Real estate financing involves various strategies that investors use to secure upcoming deals. Generally, they ensure their funds from an external source to purchase and remodel a property.

Real Estate Investment Choices

Many people believe that you need lots of money initially for real estate investing. But, this is not true. Buying a property is not a cost-effective deal. But there are several financing options to finance your investment. And being an investor, the strategy you select to finance your investment will decide the financial result. There are numerous options available for real estate financing. Each option has some pros and cons, and they provide different results for everybody.

Here are two popular real estate financing options available in Edmonton:

1. Regular Bank Loans

Traditional bank loans are one of Edmonton’s most popular real estate financing options. Banks provide a specific loan amount to the borrower, and they need to pay it back in EMIs. Generally, the bank offers almost 60-90% of the entire property value as the principal amount. The borrower needs to pay the remaining amount as a down payment.

The most significant benefit of traditional loans is that they provide a long payback period of 20-25 years. Hence, you can pay monthly EMIs for a long time. And during this period, the property value keeps rising. Therefore, the borrower can incur gains. Moreover, conventional bank loans have minimal processing fees and low-interest rates.

2. Mortgage Loans

Unlike conventional bank loans, collateral can secure mortgage loans. Instead of paying cash for a property, you can apply for a mortgage for investing in real estate. You can utilize the mortgage to acquire funds from the bank and use it for buying properties. The mortgage will work as a security if you cannot repay the loan.

Why You Must Consider Real Estate Financing

Here’s why you should go for real estate financing:

·         If you find the real estate industry growing, you should invest in it to bring double profits.

·         Leading real estate won’t lose its popularity. Hence, it’s a more secure investment choice than other options.

If you want to learn more about real estate financing in Edmonton, call Chris Hedstrom today! As I have many years of experience in the real estate industry, I can give the ultimate lending solutions to my clients.

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