Real Estate Broker in Edmonton


The primary responsibility of a real estate broker in Edmonton is to negotiate and arrange all real estate transactions. Chris Hedstrom is a licensed individual who has regular responsibilities that include overseeing activities for sales, buying activities on commercial and residential properties, and writing contracts. I have a team of real estate agents who work as a team under my supervision.

My Responsibilities as a Real Estate Broker

Working for Sellers

While a real estate agent working on behalf of a broker will sometimes handle the following responsibilities, the broker also deals with the transactions for sellers. All licensed individuals are brokers, although only a few have licenses for supervising agents. Here are some of my responsibilities while working for sellers:

·         Listing properties for sale on my website and the MLS

·         Sharing listing with potential property buyers

·         Sharing brokerage listings with other MLS brokers to get property buyers

·         Monitoring and showcasing reports to sellers and getting feedback

·         Suggesting property sellers prepare their houses for showings and listings

·         Submitting all offers to sellers for consideration

·         Functioning on behalf of sellers in coordinating the real estate transactions

·         Helping sellers negotiate offers for trying and implementing a contract with buyers

·         Describing and delivering documents, transaction items, and disclosures

·         Working with sellers through their move-out from the house and closing the deal

Working with Buyers

On the other hand, I work with individuals seeking to purchase a property. I give them advice and service to help them find a property that fulfills their requirements and completes the real estate transactions. Here are some of my duties for buyers:

·         Helping and cooperating with buyers in visiting and viewing properties.

·         Helping property buyers locate properties in their preferred location according to their criteria and budget

·         Working with homebuyers on behalf of them in negotiating with sellers through their agents or brokers

·         When a buyer decides to buy a property, I help him design his initial offer and purchase contract

·         Once he executes the purchase agreement, I coordinate the transaction process on his side.

·         Assisting buyers to close a deal and taking ownership of a property

·         Delivering and describing documents in the transaction procedure

·         Cooperating checking, reports, and repair negotiations

Being a professional real estate broker, I maintain higher levels of client service and compliance with real estate laws.

Are You Ready to Hire a Reliable Real Estate Broker?

To find a professional real estate broker in Edmonton, you might have had many interviews and phone conversations. You won’t regret it if you decide to hire my organization. It will all be worth it. You can check my website to find property listings suitable for you. There is client feedback for you to learn more about my services. If you can trust me, I can help you find the best deal. You can rest easy knowing that I am there for you to handle all real estate tasks.

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