Want To Sell Your Home Fast? Explore These House Selling Options in Edmonton


Do you want to sell your house fast? In today’s Edmonton real estate market, it takes almost two months to sell a home from the list to close. If you cannot wait for this timeline, alongside the days you need to spend waiting for a conventional buyer’s mortgage to cover, you will have to be creative with your strategies. Luckily, you have many house selling options in Edmonton.

You could list your house with Chris Hedstrom, a real estate agent who knows how to sell your home rapidly. With this guide, I will give you a total overview of some unconventional ways of getting a rapid offer, signing the deal, and getting the house sold ASAP.

Unconventional Methods of Selling a House in Edmonton

Apart from listing your house on the MLS and hiring a realtor, there are other ways to consider immediately selling a property. It would help if you thought about some factors like how much time you have to understand the asking price on the market and whether your home fulfills the choices buyers look for in homes these days. If not, you should consider everything you need to prepare your Edmonton home to sell.

Let me discuss some unconventional strategies for selling a house in Edmonton!

1. Renting the House

Renting your house with a contract gives you a choice to purchase at the end of a mentioned time. It’s an unconventional, creative method to sell your home in Edmonton. Sellers can set a considerable upfront deposit towards the down payment and increase the rental fee as a credit towards making a larger down payment over time.

Also, you can charge a premium on the ultimate selling cost with this strategy. After all, the renters can leave your house at the end of the agreement, and they may make damages or cannot maintain your home properly. Hence, before selling your house, you may experience serious repair expenses.

2. Owner Financing

It is another unconventional yet attractive method of selling your Edmonton house. It showcases your property to completely different types of buyers who don’t have enough credit but can pay a higher price for your home. You can lead this deal by fixing a higher selling price. Moreover, you can carry risks. If the buyer cannot get financing, you will need to handle legal issues while paying the mortgage payments.


FSBO listing is another unconventional method of selling your home in Edmonton. The technique is lucrative to homeowners who don’t want to pay high real estate commissions. Unfortunately, only 10% of FSBO sellers succeed as they waste their precious time researching the Edmonton market.

Work with an Industry-Best Realtor to Accelerate Your Sale

If you want to sell your home fast, then listings represented by a realtor like Chris Hedstrom can help you see more benefits. Maximum sellers work with a realtor to increase their home value. So, never waste your time on lingering the house selling options in Edmonton and call me to experience a successful sale within a quick period.

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