Realtor Advice: Secrets to Making Your Home Listing Images Shine


Put your hands up if you have no idea about home listing in Edmonton. Well, people generally start searching for home listings online and click on only attractive listings. So, if you want to list your house for sale, try to make it appealing, describe how amazing it is, and put good photos of it. My secret is to ensure the images displaying your property are up to the mark. Read the tips I have given below to help you prepare a picture-perfect house and click the best images possible.

1. Walk around Your Home like a Buyer

Before clicking photos:

1.    Tour your house and imagine how it looks to others who don’t stay there.

2.    Analyze every room from different angles.

3.    Remember, you are not clicking your house; you see your house from a buyer’s perspective.

Good images unveil every single detail. Hence, you must showcase the best features of your house while reducing its backlogs.

2. Select the Best Time to Photograph

Capturing your home’s exterior at the right time will minimize its flaws. It is a little complicated to get the right moment for capturing. So, leave the photoshoots to a professional and let them schedule a time during sunshine for capturing good images of your house.

3. Clear Away Everything from Outside

Before clicking photos, make a clean sweep outside to enhance your house’s curb appeal. Your home listing is the first impression buyers get about your house. So, it must look nice. Hence, remove everything from entryways that detract from your curb appeal.

4. Declutter Your House

Maybe your family stays in your house. But it should not look that way in the images. Extra furniture distracts from your house’s features and doesn’t photograph properly. Hence, clean them off so the photographer can capture good photos only. Once you declutter your house successfully, go back and check it thoroughly.

5. Stage Your House

I want to give you some tricks to stage your house and highlight your property’s best attributes. If you follow those tricks, you can help buyers see the whole house in your photos.

6. Highlight Great Views

If you got great views around your property, highlight them in your home listing images. Leave curtains open, so sun rays can flow through and wash your windows.

7. Click from a Suitable Spot

You want to display as much of your property as possible. However, try to incorporate three walls in your photo, to give all rooms intensity. Consider placing furniture at the right place so that you can highlight the location of doorways, windows, and other amenities.

8. Refrain from Odd Angles

When getting your home’s good side, avoid odd angles and keep the camera at the right angle to shoot. Your target is to display the house as it is. Wrong angles can misrepresent and distort things.

So, these are Chris Hedstrom’s recommendations for sellers planning on a home listing in Edmonton. The key to a clean image is a clean home. So, it’s time to make your listings stand out!

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