Home Investments in Edmonton


To become a successful home investor, you require buying real estate in Edmonton that can quickly turn a profit. Sometimes the low cost of resale properties attracts home investors. They know that they can easily charge sufficient rent for earning immediately. However, not everybody understands that all the issues that come with an old property can reduce such profits.

Hence, you must seek new construction properties. The cost of a house can be higher based on the style you select, but there are amazing benefits to these homes that exceed the initial buying cost. Talk to Chris Hedstrom to learn why purchasing new homes is a smart real estate investment and how to get started.

Why You Should Buy New Construction Properties

1. Fewer Repairs and Maintenance

Sometimes landlords have to handle any repairs to their properties. In resale homes, such repairs come up most as everything in the house is slowly breaking down. Warranties always don’t cover everything, but if you purchase a new house, you can ensure that you don’t need to make such repairs. Since everything is new in the house, there is less possibility of breaking down from regular use.

2. Modern and Stylish Features

A brand-new house always comes up with a different look. So, when you choose a house according to your budget, you can expect to have a few stylish features throughout the house. New homes have modern features like modular kitchens, master bedrooms, durable vinyl plank flooring, etc. These modern updates usually attract renters who want to get rid of the boring regular look of common rental houses. Hence, you can charge a higher rental price and have renters pay it.

3. Multi-Unit Options

People don’t understand that new houses provide scopes to have many units in a building. Often, investors buy both sides of a duplex house and rent each side separately. These houses are a great option as they have the feel and look of a conventional house. Another excellent choice is to buy a regular two-story house and change the space over a detached garage or the basement into an income suite. Having multiple units in your property helps you increase your rental income. Ensure to discuss this option with me if you are interested in it.

4. New Home Warranty

Every new house comes with a warranty. You can confidently purchase as you will know you will never have to handle major repairs soon after your tenants leave the house. If any unusual problem comes up, the warranty will possibly cover it. The warranty covers various aspects of a house within a particular period. Ask me any questions regarding this you may have.

Make a Great Investment with Chris Hedstrom

New construction buildings are quickly becoming the style of choice for investors requiring buying real estate in Edmonton. At present, it’s an amazing time to step into the Edmonton real estate market. With the stylish features that tenants want and the New Home Warranty, you can start earning a profit in no time.

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