Do Not Wait For Spring: List Your Home for Sale This Winter


This year’s forecast states that Edmonton real estate market will shape up the sellers’ market in 2022. And there are some relevant reasons why you must list your home for sale in Edmonton in the first quarter of 2022. There are a lot of perks of entering the Edmonton real estate market early this year.

You can enjoy numerous benefits by listing a house for sale in January, February, and March. Hence, I suggest you take the initiative now instead of waiting for the snow to melt. It’s high time to list your home for sale and sell it for more money.

Why Should You List Your Home for Sale This Winter?

Although many home sellers want to list their homes for sale in summer and spring, there are some significant reasons why you must consider listing in the initial months of 2022.

More Attention from the Realtor

Professional realtors always provide the best service and attention to their clients, no matter which month of the year you choose to list your home for sale. It can be more challenging during the peak months of the year for real estate. Moreover, you can get complete attention from the realtor who will have the extra ability to help you discover potent buyers and negotiate an excellent deal on your behalf.

Less Inventory = More Focus on Your Listing

The real estate market forecast for 2022 points out the constant difficulties with high demand across the nation and low housing inventory. So, I can expect an increase in home costs in Edmonton this year. Since prices of the Edmonton houses are closely associated with demand and inventory, it’s better to list your home for sale a few months before others rush into the market in spring.

You can see demands for home buying in Edmonton all over the year, and expert buyers are always ready to purchase a good home. So, this is the best time to reap the benefits of the lowest inventory of 2022 and utilize your negotiation capacity to sell your home at a higher price.

Planning a Shift in Winter Is Beneficial

Winter is a slow season for vendors like home inspectors, moving agencies, and contractors. Since very few people use these services during winter, you can negotiate an excellent deal with the movers and packers or hire a contractor to renovate or repair your new house.

Reap Benefits of Mortgage Broker Deals

The initial months of the year are quieter months across the real estate market and mortgage brokers. With comparatively fewer mortgage broker deals, you can expect a faster processing time, and brokers can work harder to get the best price you want.

Are You Ready to List Your House for Sale?

I have already shared some tips and strategies on listing your home for sale in Edmonton. So, be ready to list your house on my website and other platforms to get the best price for your house. Now that you know the benefits of listing your home in winter, contact Chris Hedstrom and schedule a consultation for more discussion.

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