Buying Real Estate in Edmonton


So you are thinking about buying real estate in Edmonton. Where will you start? The immediate thought can be quite difficult, but little research and recommendations from reliable experts and you will get your dream home in no time. Being your real estate advisor, I provide first-time buyer consultations, where I discuss everything you should know regarding purchasing a house, from home inspections to mortgages and more. You can schedule a first-time buyer consultation with Chris Hedstrom anytime, and there is no obligation to purchase a home with us.


Basics of Buying a Property in Edmonton

Buying a house in Edmonton is not only about money. There are many things involved in it. Here are the basics you should know:

1. Make Sure Your Credit is in Great Shape

Most possibly, when you purchase a new house, you will require getting a mortgage. You will have to ensure that your credit is in good condition and there is no issue. So, before you start your search, consider getting a copy of your credit report and fixing every issue on it.

2. Never Stress about the Down Payment

If you qualify, many private and public lenders can provide a low-interest mortgage that will need a small down payment or even no down payment option.

3. Ensure the Locality Is Good

You may find homes in many areas in Edmonton. But do homework about the location before buying a home. Location is crucial because when you are in the market for selling your home, it will be a robust point for promising buyers.

4. Determine the Type of House You Can Afford

Decide what type of home is affordable to you. The basic rule is to afford a house that costs almost 2½ times your yearly income. I suggest you use an online calculator that gives a clearer image of what you can or cannot afford while buying a new house.

5. Get Professional Assistance

Since the internet provides many options for buying an Edmonton house, you should seek the services of a certified realtor like Chris Hedstrom. An experienced realtor can even help you through the process of selling your old house. I will always recommend you contact a reliable and reputed real estate agent in Edmonton.

6. Conduct Your Research

This step will help you gather knowledge about the real estate market in the area you will buy a house and the market value of the home you want to purchase.

7. Inspect the House

It is the most fundamental step that every potential home buyer should follow. You must inspect a house to decide if this is the place that you will wish to purchase and move with your family.

Things often don’t go as per our plan, and being your real estate advisor, I can guide you through all the ins and outs of buying real estate in Edmonton and taking ownership. Call me if you are ready, and I will get you started in the correct direction.

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