Remember These Additional Costs When Buying a Home in Edmonton


Are you planning to purchase a home in Edmonton? If yes, you must have your savings and investment plans alongside the costs of the property you are seeking. However, you may find many additional costs when buying a home in Edmonton, which you may not plan.

These costs may include one-time fixed payments, whereas others represent a continuous annual or monthly commitment. Every cost does not apply to all purchases or sales. However, if you know about the following costs, you won’t get shocked on the closing day.

Property Taxes

New Edmonton home buyers must be ready for the extra cost of property taxes alongside their regular mortgage payment. However, experienced homeowners must also prepare for paying extra based on their new home’s location.

Home Inspection Fees

Although home inspections are optional, I suggest you do one before opting for a deal. It’s an essential step if you want to avoid expensive repairs or other home-related problems further.

Home Insurance

Since home insurance is an essential need to get a mortgage, you must give evidence of coverage before the closing date. Also, remember that policy expenses can vary as per the coverage type you select, your exceptional conditions, and the insurance provider.

Utility Costs

It would help if you reimbursed the seller for utility charges granted between your possession and closing date. Moreover, numerous service and utility providers charge some hook-up costs initially, which can include fast if you are not ready.

Moving Expenses

If you have no plan on moving the whole house on your own or with someone else, you will have to hire a mover company. Since movers in Edmonton charge a reasonable rate for moving, I recommend setting a budget aside for your move.

Interest Adjustment Fees

Many lenders expect the initial mortgage payment a month after closing the deal. However, if you close the purchases in the middle of a month, a few lenders expect the initial payment at the starting of the next month, two weeks before you would usually expect. Otherwise, they may charge a professionally rated interest to adjust the difference.

Emergency Finance

Being your Realtor, I will make sure your new house is in proper condition on the ownership day; however, often, unexpected problems can happen. Hence, you should keep some emergency funds aside for repair or maintenance problems. It will also make sure you have adequate to cover any other unwanted costs that possibly arise while buying a home in Edmonton.

Closing Costs

Generally, closing expenses are one-time payments related to buying an Edmonton house and include:

·         Legal fees

·         Land transfer tax

·         Property appraisal

·         Property insurance

·         Title insurance

Closing costs vary as per the total buying price, and in a few cases, I try my best to reduce such costs.

What’s more?

Abstain from unwanted surprises by being ready for these additional costs when buying a home in Edmonton. Also, if anybody in your family and friends circle is planning to purchase an Edmonton house, make them aware of these extra costs.

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