How to Find the Right Duplex Home for Sale to Invest In

By: Chris Hedstrom

How to Find the Right Duplex Home for Sale to Invest In

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Real estate investors in Edmonton always search for homes for sale to purchase and rent out those houses or sell at a good profit. If you want to buy a duplex home in Edmonton, consider following the duplex investment strategy given by a home advisor in Edmonton.

A duplex is a single house or building with individual entryways for two residents. The units could be on particular floors or side by side. Duplexes are helpful for house hacking, where the householder stays in a single unit and rents out the other one. However, you can rent out both parts as well.

How to Find a Duplex House for Sale near You

1. Check Real Estate Websites

You can find a duplex for sale on your own to abstain from realtors’ commissions. Many websites let you conduct an investment property search and get listings of houses for sale. Some websites and real estate investment tools help you discover and assess duplexes for sale. Instead of locating listings, you can identify duplexes that will bring you a good ROI.

2. Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent

An experienced real estate agent can help you search for duplex homes for sale in Edmonton. He can provide necessary data about the local housing market’s condition and help decide the property value.

3. Connect with Other Investors

Connecting with other real estate investors may help you find the best duplex houses for sale in Edmonton. You can join the local real estate investors association. These groups meet regularly to connect, share and learn info from one another. Moreover, you can attend regional real estate seminars and trade shows.

4. Look for Affordable Deals

You must check for the rundown and ignored buildings in your locality. You can purchase those distressed properties at an affordable rate and increase their value through repairs and renovations.

How to Decide That You Have Invested in the Right Duplex Property

Once you find the suitable duplex for sale in Edmonton, check its investment capacity to ensure that you have invested in the right property. Here are the factors you should look at:

1. Check the Property

Once you identify some excellent investment properties in the locality, inspect their condition. While some are in rent-ready states, others might need some renovations. We would recommend you hire an expert building inspector to inspect your duplex. He will give a report outlining the things that you should upgrade.

2. Look at the Numbers

Finding a duplex home for sale in a suitable place in Edmonton is not sufficient. You should check the numbers before determining whether or not you will invest in the income property. Here, you should consider:

·         Vacancy costs

·         Rental costs

·         Net operating income


Finding duplexes for sale becomes more accessible with the help of a home advisor in Edmonton. Search for investment properties that will produce better cash flow and have the possibility for capital gains. For a successful real estate investment, consult Chris Hedstrom in Edmonton.


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